General play and fun (almost) everywhere!

Bring your toys! This is an interactive, participation focused event. If you don’t have, hopefully someone will have a few they can loan out 😉 We will have some of our equipment and setups available, feel free to bring yours 🙂 If you have questions about anything, ask people! There will be hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of hours of play experience in attendance and we are one hell of a cool learning and sharing network. We are doing this because it’s what we love to do and we’re happy to help you learn to love it as much as we do!


Exploratorium (Blindfold remix 2.0)

Anything you’ve ever wanted to do blindfolded? Anything you’ve ever wanted to help do to someone that is blindfolded? This is your space. This is an experience about consent and limits. You are in control of both with a monitor of your choice and rules of your making.

We have all kinds of equipment and toys for your equipment and toys. Come experience a dip into the unknown.

Advanced Bondage – TyeLykos & Brigid Macaulay

For those who are ready for high bondage. The advanced class will demonstrate intricate techniques for full body bondage such as the rope cage and suspension. By the end of the class, Brigid will be suspended in the shelter. This class is presented during demo time to account for the length and difficulty of the instruction.