Yoga for Rope Play – Presented by Nymph

Yoga was developed to make it comfortable for practitioners to stay still in one positions (for meditation) for a long time. Getting bound up in rope also tends to cause people to stay still in one position for a long time, making yoga a great practice to help prepare for rope play. This class will be appropriate for people at all levels, and will focus on opening the muscles of the shoulders, back and hips to make binding more comfortable.

Yoga For Chickens – Dear1

Have you ever considered learning yoga but were too chicken? Afraid you’d have to contort your body like a pretzel while standing on one leg? There is an easier way. Come learn about poses (asanas as they’re known in yoga) that will help you get in touch with your body & spirit, increase your flexibility and improve your balance all while connecting with the divine energy. (some mats will be available but please bring your own if you have one)

Submission 101 – Dear1

So you picked up a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and got an excited tingle in your belly when you read about Ana. Or maybe you were the one who wanted to be tied up when you played Pirates or Cowboys & Indians as a child. But whatever your path, you’ve arrived at a point where you feel you would be a good submissive in a Dominant/submissive relationship and want to know more about it. Join us as we discuss various facets of what it means to be a submissive and learn how to separate the facts from the fictions.

Poly vs. Swinging: The Open Relationship Continuum – Nymph

Non-monogamy comes in many forms, and different communities have different paradigms for how they approach and think about relationships, including but not limited to sex. This panel will discuss different approaches to ethical non-monogamy, and give participants the opportunity to share their own experiences with different places on the spectrum.

Poly Show & Tell: What’s YOUR Poly Look Like? – Roundtable led by Mir

How did you become poly? Why did you become poly? What is your poly relationship structure? What joys and struggles do you face in your daily poly life? What are you hoping to learn and experience at Labor Day Libertine? Come share your poly story with your fellow campers and find out how similar and different we all are!

Playing Both Sides: An Introduction to Switching – Kris

Switching is in the mind of the beholder. I have been holding the whip and not been the one with the power. I’ve given myself up completely and had no thoughts in my head about what was coming next. I’ve topped from the bottom when should have(and when I shouldn’t have). Switches exchange power in many ways and can have a relationship fluid enough that power flows back and forth by the moment. Or static enough that every move is planned. Want more info? We may not have it but Mark and I will do our best to explain the basic.

Pervertables – Hi Ho Hi Ho! Off to Rural Kink We Go – Sindarian and ciara

New to kink and short on funds or curious about bondage but don’t want to spend a fortune just to find out your partner is allergic to rope? In this presentation we show you how to make toys from items found easily at farm stores, Walmart and the dollar store. A list of resources and toy making instructions will be provided.

Master/slave: An Introduction – Sindarian and ciara

This presentation is geared toward those that have heard the term Master/slave but know very little about what the relationship dynamic entails. We will discuss theory including negotiations, contracts and rules. The practice of living as Master and slave; protocols, rules and day to day living. Our personal path, how we got to where we are today.

Managing Jealousy- Mir

Jealousy is the dirty little secret of the poly world. Do you feel it? How do you deal with it? Is it possible to overcome it? mir leads a group discussion based on the Practical Jealousy Management workshop developed by Poly Author, Franklin Veaux. We will talk about the root causes of jealousy, steps to help you eliminate it. You’ll gain concrete ideas and tools to take home with you and use in your relationships in the future.