Intro to Sacred Sexuality – Soror Aradne

Many people in our culture carry the notion that sex and spirituality are impossibly far removed from each other. I, and others like me, strongly disagree with that idea. We have come to understand that sex is one of the most effective paths the Divine and enlightenment. It is a deep Sacriment. This workshop will cover some of the basic themes, traditions, and philosophies behind the concept of sacred sexuality.

Archetypes and Rituals – Boi Kris & Sara

When designing rituals and protocols for Power Exchange relationships (or for our personal lives), we may not know where to start, so we find ourselves reaching for an “Off the Rack” solution. Often we look to porn, fictional novels, or nonfiction guides to Power Exchange. Like a short girl buying jeans, however (surely I’m not the only one??) those rituals sometimes aren’t a perfect fit for the people or the relationship. In this class, we’ll take a look at Archetypes, and use those to dive into the ways we define ourselves and our roles in the relationship. We’ll then build on that understanding to craft rituals and protocols that are “Tailor-Made” just for us! Whether you’re currently in a Power Exchange relationship or not, this class will offer you another tool for your Power Exchange Toolbox, and a method for devising rituals and protocols that fit like a glove! This process also creates powerful and personally relevant rituals for people who are either not in a relationship or who simply want to include rituals as part of their self-care routine!

Creating a User Manual for YOU! – Mir

What makes you tick? How do you stay in prime operating condition? Examine your practice, preferences and values and how to articulate those values to partners or potentials for more successful relationships. An outline will be provided and we will brainstorm more ideas of what to include also. Prepare to delve deep into the inner working of YOU.

Intro to Submission Panel – Balthasaar, ryan, Casey Jae

In this class our panel will lead an exploration of what it means to be submissive, the many ways submission can be expressed and what to do if you suspect that you may be a submissive. A great class if you’re considering a Dominant/submissive relationship or if you’re just trying to learn more about what makes you happy.