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Using your words – Mo

Using your Words: How to create an environment to express your deepest desires and to hear that of your partner

There will be a stand set up next to the bathrooms where people can leave notes about what they’d like to experience over the weekend, and how to be found or identifying features about who they are

Focused discussions and Impromptu questions

Each afternoon at 3pm, we will begin Open discussion in the Pavillion. We will have over 100 years of experience available on pretty much everything, so, come talk, learn and share!

If you’d like to help facilitate another discussion, please let us know, we’ll be glad to help make it happen 🙂

12P – Non-Monogamy 101 – Who, what, where, how, huh?
130P – BDSM 101 – All the questions

1030A – Age Play/ DDlg dynamics
12P – Kink 101 – You like to do what?



This year, we are loosening the scheduling and opening up the floor to more spontaneous learning and activities.

We will have participatory and skill oriented workshops earlier in the day,  the ability to create impromptu discussions/learning sessions in the afternoon and demo’s and group participation events after dinner/  Camp meeting each night.

This will allow us to learn things and build on them as the event goes on.

Each discussion will start with a general topic and a facilitator/ SME who will help answer questions, guide and mediate the discussions.