Trans and Non-Binary 101: A Concise Guide for the Confused and the Curious – Andi

Genderqueer, agender, bi-gender, ambigender, transgender, cisgender. New words to describe gender identity and presentation seem to be popping up everyday, but what do they mean and why do they matter? What is gender anyway? And what, exactly, is a Genderbread Person? This trans and non-binary 101 class will explore some of the exciting discussions surrounding gender identity, provide resources, answer questions, and discuss ways to be a good ally to the trans community. This is our chance to push ourselves, challenge our assumptions and ask all those burning questions as the ongoing debates and media attention evoke heated conversations in mainstream society. Bring your thoughts, perspectives and curiosity and lets think about the ways the gender influences us all.


Andi is a switchy, swishy, relationship anarchist, cigar smoking leather genderqueer. He is a co-founder of CIQ: Central Indiana Queers and a member of Andromeda: a group for women and non-binary folk. Andi has contributed behind the scenes at several leather contests, notably serving as contestant handler for a particular wayward piggy. An avid reader and proponent of education, he is always eager to lend books and share resources. Andi is an Indianapolis based artist and illustrator who has put his degree to use designing pieces for auction baskets as well as advertisements for fundraisers and regional events in the burlesque, leather, queer, and kink communities. His most recent project was illustrating Lee Harrington’s upcoming book “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities”. Andi’s hot buttons include: knives, humiliation, gender outlaws, and unapologetic, brutal, filthy fucking. Also, John Waters.