Archetypes and Rituals – Boi Kris & Sara

When designing rituals and protocols for Power Exchange relationships (or for our personal lives), we may not know where to start, so we find ourselves reaching for an “Off the Rack” solution. Often we look to porn, fictional novels, or nonfiction guides to Power Exchange. Like a short girl buying jeans, however (surely I’m not the only one??) those rituals sometimes aren’t a perfect fit for the people or the relationship. In this class, we’ll take a look at Archetypes, and use those to dive into the ways we define ourselves and our roles in the relationship. We’ll then build on that understanding to craft rituals and protocols that are “Tailor-Made” just for us! Whether you’re currently in a Power Exchange relationship or not, this class will offer you another tool for your Power Exchange Toolbox, and a method for devising rituals and protocols that fit like a glove! This process also creates powerful and personally relevant rituals for people who are either not in a relationship or who simply want to include rituals as part of their self-care routine!

Laughing Yoga – Boi Kris & Sara

Don’t let the name fool you – Kinky Laughter Yoga is like no yoga class you’ve ever seen! Boi Kris, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader ( has created his own twisted, kinky version of this world-renowned health and fitness craze that will leave you recharged, revitalized and ready to play!