Focused discussions and Impromptu questions

Each afternoon at 3pm, we will begin Open discussion in the Pavillion. We will have over 100 years of experience available on pretty much everything, so, come talk, learn and share!

If you’d like to help facilitate another discussion, please let us know, we’ll be glad to help make it happen 🙂

12P – Non-Monogamy 101 – Who, what, where, how, huh?
130P – BDSM 101 – All the questions

1030A – Age Play/ DDlg dynamics
12P – Kink 101 – You like to do what?


Boi Kris

International Power Exchange 2012

Boi Kris, with his powerhouse attitude and a passion for teaching and service, draws on his own experiences and his ongoing research into a variety of topics to entertain, educate and empower others. He has been a part of the BDSM community since the early 1990s, including a year serving as half of the International Power Exchange 2012.   He has produced the successful and innovative High Shine Indy, Body Spirit Mind and Trick Her Treat events, and has raised thousands of dollars for charities throughout the country.  A spirited switch, he loves challenging people’s expectations, topping for heavy impact play, and sharing his vision and enthusiasm for service, regardless of roles.  Boi Kris has hundreds of workshops, discussions and presentations under his belt, and is constantly adding new classes to meet the needs of the community. Together with his wife Sarah, Boi Kris brings an animated and approachable energy to the wide variety of BDSM lifestyle topics he shares with audiences all over the country.  And, as a certified Laughter Yoga leader (including his own variant, Kinky Laughter Yoga!), he’ll show you that laughter really is the best medicine!

Boi Kris has presented nationally for groups of all sizes and interests! You may have seen him at Winter Wickedness, Beat Me in St Louis, Spanksgiving, Southwest Leather Conference, GLLA, Twisted Tryst, Kinky Kollege, SINergy, La Fortress, The Fringe, Bluegrass Leather Pride, Just Play, OhioSMART, Power eXchange Summit, Beyond The Love, LRA, regional MAsT groups and a host of others.