Playing Both Sides: An Introduction to Switching – Kris

Switching is in the mind of the beholder. I have been holding the whip and not been the one with the power. I’ve given myself up completely and had no thoughts in my head about what was coming next. I’ve topped from the bottom when should have(and when I shouldn’t have). Switches exchange power in many ways and can have a relationship fluid enough that power flows back and forth by the moment. Or static enough that every move is planned. Want more info? We may not have it but Mark and I will do our best to explain the basic.

Master/slave: An Introduction – Sindarian and ciara

This presentation is geared toward those that have heard the term Master/slave but know very little about what the relationship dynamic entails. We will discuss theory including negotiations, contracts and rules. The practice of living as Master and slave; protocols, rules and day to day living. Our personal path, how we got to where we are today.

Introduction to Polyamory – Mishi K

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, polyamory is the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time. Big subject that we are going to try to discuss in a 50 min course! It will be a faster flowing class as there is not “one way” to have a Poly relationship, thus a lot of information will be talked about. We’ll touch on what images of Poly bring up for different people, different structure possibilities of a Poly Family, some of the basic tools of what is needed to help a Poly relationship work, the possibility of and different types of “The Rules”, and some misconceptions of what Poly people do. Time permitting we’ll end with an open forum at the end to help answer any questions.

Flogging 101 – Sindarian & slave ciara

Introduction to Flogging. Feel the need to beat your partner?
Here is how to do it!
Our class will begin with some safety tips and warnings then a brief history of flogging, followed by an explanation of the parts that make up a flogger and their purpose. From there we will cover the various materials that make up the falls of a flogger, their design and effects. Then we venture into geekdom, break out your pocket protectors folks; we will cover the physics that makes those floggers hurt so good. Then we get down to it and show you how to do those fancy throws you see all the Domly Dom’s do in the dungeon. Lastly we will cover music and the importance of the beat and how to pull it all together to make your partner soar. Last but not least, some helpful hints on aftercare.

Intro to Sacred Sexuality – Soror Aradne

Many people in our culture carry the notion that sex and spirituality are impossibly far removed from each other. I, and others like me, strongly disagree with that idea. We have come to understand that sex is one of the most effective paths the Divine and enlightenment. It is a deep Sacriment. This workshop will cover some of the basic themes, traditions, and philosophies behind the concept of sacred sexuality.