Playing Both Sides: An Introduction to Switching – Kris

Switching is in the mind of the beholder. I have been holding the whip and not been the one with the power. I’ve given myself up completely and had no thoughts in my head about what was coming next. I’ve topped from the bottom when should have(and when I shouldn’t have). Switches exchange power in many ways and can have a relationship fluid enough that power flows back and forth by the moment. Or static enough that every move is planned. Want more info? We may not have it but Mark and I will do our best to explain the basic.

BDSM after Sexual Abuse – Kris

We are changed by sexual abuse. It can happen in childhood but even as an adult it can cause you to question your basic beliefs about sex. It can cause shame. Sometime times I go through the shame defiantly, sometimes trying to be “normal”. Neither holds the key. Slowly over the years I found a few things to help me feel better. I hope in this workshop we can find some of those things for you. If you have worked passed some of your issues great! Come and help the rest of us with the keys you have found.