Self love chakra circle – Mgdln

Bring a towel, lubricant or personal toys for your own pleasure!

This is a hands on activity. Everyone gets a vote about having observers, i prefer them as an additional layer however if it increases participation then we can say no non participating observers.

An exercise in which participants form an inner and outer ring, each with the same number of people. Yin oriented on the inside and yang on the outside. As we work through the chakras together we charge our own through self pleasure and focus. Guidance shall be provided in the form of background live music and hypnotic induction.

As we reach the top and move into the crown chakra, we choose as individuals wether to orgasm and thus charge our own erotic potential!

This will involve bodily fluids so we will require that folks bring their own towels.😊😘🌈

Focused discussions and Impromptu questions

Each afternoon at 3pm, we will begin Open discussion in the Pavillion. We will have over 100 years of experience available on pretty much everything, so, come talk, learn and share!

If you’d like to help facilitate another discussion, please let us know, we’ll be glad to help make it happen 🙂

12P – Non-Monogamy 101 – Who, what, where, how, huh?
130P – BDSM 101 – All the questions

1030A – Age Play/ DDlg dynamics
12P – Kink 101 – You like to do what?