Adapting to Change in Polyamory – Mir

Change is inevitable. And, as with most things, in a poly lifestyle change often comes in multiples. mir facilitates this discussion on the transitional periods that affect poly dynamics — new relationships, endings, status changes — and the ways to navigate them that create more joy and growth instead of stagnation and fear. Whether you are poly or poly-curious, this class will give you solid ideas of the unique challenges faced in poly dynamics and how to handle them when they arise. Please come share your experiences and challenges as we all look together for solutions.

Poly Show & Tell: What’s YOUR Poly Look Like? – Roundtable led by Mir

How did you become poly? Why did you become poly? What is your poly relationship structure? What joys and struggles do you face in your daily poly life? What are you hoping to learn and experience at Labor Day Libertine? Come share your poly story with your fellow campers and find out how similar and different we all are!

Managing Jealousy- Mir

Jealousy is the dirty little secret of the poly world. Do you feel it? How do you deal with it? Is it possible to overcome it? mir leads a group discussion based on the Practical Jealousy Management workshop developed by Poly Author, Franklin Veaux. We will talk about the root causes of jealousy, steps to help you eliminate it. You’ll gain concrete ideas and tools to take home with you and use in your relationships in the future.

Are You a Chimp or a Bonobo? – Mir

Our closest genetic relatives in the animal kingdom, Chimpanzees and Bonobos have two very divergent societal structures. While evolutionary psychologists debate which one early humans most resembled, those practicing polyamory can and should examine how feelings of scarcity and abundance can impact your poly relationships. If love is infinite and only time can constrain it, what is enough time? Enough sex? Love? Money? Privacy? Unity? Is it really just a matter of perception? mir leads a discussion into what we can learn for our primate relatives and how we can use it to enhance our poly relationships.

All About Rules: Crafting Poly Relationship Agreements – Mir

Every relationship has agreements – whether spoken or unspoken. Thoughtful, deliberate agreements can create harmony and purpose in your poly relationships. But where do you start? This class will give you tips and tricks for creating your individualistic relationship agreements and adapting them to change within your ever evolving bonds.