Consent: Sexy and Sacred

In recent years, discussions of consent have never been more prevalent, especially in the magickal community. But how does one navigate it in a ritual or festival context where different social situations or even trance states may be a significant aspect of interaction. Through discussion and exercises, we will develop strategies for addressing enthusiastic consent in festival and ritual contexts.

What’s that Again? How media influences relationships and our lives – Celeste Jackson

Discusses how different media portray relationships, violence (with examples) and how people are influenced by music, books, movies and television. It addresses both polyamory and monogamy. I prefer opening with the presentation and letting it evolve into round table because I know that though my ideas are good, there are people who probably have better ones. Discussion topics include: violence, degradation of women in music using lyrics from popular songs, domestic violence and abuse, portrayals of books in film (Disney’s Quasimodo is a good example), 50 Shades, and in general, how media affects the way people perceive and judge things.