Andi is a switchy, swishy, relationship anarchist, cigar smoking leather genderqueer. He is a co-founder of CIQ: Central Indiana Queers and a member of Andromeda: a group for women and non-binary folk. Andi has contributed behind the scenes at several leather contests, notably serving as contestant handler for a particular wayward piggy. An avid reader and proponent of education, he is always eager to lend books and share resources. Andi is an Indianapolis based artist and illustrator who has put his degree to use designing pieces for auction baskets as well as advertisements for fundraisers and regional events in the burlesque, leather, queer, and kink communities. His most recent project was illustrating Lee Harrington’s upcoming book “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities”. Andi’s hot buttons include: knives, humiliation, gender outlaws, and unapologetic, brutal, filthy fucking. Also, John Waters.


Loki has been called by the Horned One in many forms since 1994. First called to Herne, then Cernunnos and, since 2002, has served as a Child of and Priest of Pan. He also currently serves as one of the Keepers of Pan’s Shrine and Temple at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary. Initiate of two Wiccan Traditions and Creator/High Priest of three Neo-Pagan Traditions, he sees his path as a Shamanic Neo-Pagan Evangelist. He currently works to educate and share ecstatic worship through Tribus Solvo’s Public Revels.
An advocate for sexual freedom and avid educator and presenter in multiple areas of Alternative Lifestyles for over 15 years, he works fervently to educate on Polyamory, Kink and Paganism. His service to the Kink and Poly communities include multiple featured and guest speaker appearances as well as acting as the Organizer of the Indy Poly Meetup since 2006 and the Organizer for Labor Day Libertine/Jeweled Lotus since 2009.

Working constantly to serve the Pagan community, he has been a speaker on multiple occasions and is a public figure and occasional media contact in Indianapolis. He started Horn & Honey in 2010, has been the Local Coordinator for eleven Indy Pagan Pride Days since 2000, as well as the Chairman of Indianapolis Pagan Pride, Inc, since 2004. He is also acting as Project Manager for Aether Hill — an initiative at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary to develop low-forest-impact walking trails and campsites with minimal flora disturbance.


Sarah has been involved in the BDSM community for over two decades. She met Kris in 2013, and joined him in his adventures shortly after that.  They are now happily married and engaged in a fluid power exchange dynamic which is most easily described as a yin yang. She primarily channels her Caregiver and Advocate archetypes, but is also an enthusiastic glitterdyke garden gnome, a combination usually strikes fear into people (especially the glitter!!).

 She co-produced the Body Spirit Mind and Trick-Her-Treat events with Boi Kris, and currently serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Power eXchange Summit and Beyond The Love, both based in Columbus Ohio.  Sarah loves thoughtful dialogue with others who are also interested in the “why” of WIITWD, and learning fresh perspectives to add complexity and depth to her own ever-evolving Lifestyle paradigms. 

 In her professional life she herds very, very smart cats.  Her passions include dancing and feeding people.  Together, she and Boi Kris are in the home stretch of raising very spirited teenagers, and when not traveling to events they can often be found floating down a local river, relaxing and brainstorming new classes and workshops!