Exploratorium (Blindfold remix 2.0)

Anything you’ve ever wanted to do blindfolded? Anything you’ve ever wanted to help do to someone that is blindfolded? This is your space. This is an experience about consent and limits. You are in control of both with a monitor of your choice and rules of your making.

We have all kinds of equipment and toys for your equipment and toys. Come experience a dip into the unknown.


This year, we are loosening the scheduling and opening up the floor to more spontaneous learning and activities.

We will have participatory and skill oriented workshops earlier in the day,  the ability to create impromptu discussions/learning sessions in the afternoon and demo’s and group participation events after dinner/  Camp meeting each night.

This will allow us to learn things and build on them as the event goes on.

Each discussion will start with a general topic and a facilitator/ SME who will help answer questions, guide and mediate the discussions.


Little / Caregiver Meet and Greet Candy and Cocktail Bar and Potluck

Join us for an informal meet and greet and get to know others who identify as Littles Middles Caregivers Daddy or Mommy Dominants and the like. Anyone is welcome even if you don’t identify as such. We will have a fun and fancy candy bar set up with candy inspired cocktails as well as a cuddle space and play space with little inspired play things. Creative little attire encouraged, come as your beautiful playful imaginative self.

Littles Middles Caregivers Daddy/Mommy Dominants

Exploring the various ways one can identify as a little or caregiver and engage in such dynamics within a scene and or 24/7.

Using your imagination to create fun and meaningful play within your dynamic.

Structure, discipline and working together to achieve mutual goals. Make it fun and rewarding.

Playful toys, tools and inspiration.

Totally Twisted Talent Show

Show us what you can do! Or just show us what you like to do in front of an audience!  Love to make your puppy sit up, roll over and beg? Let’s see! Can you squirt? cum while doing handstands? insert a softball? We wanna watch! Do you just love to fuck in front of people? So do we!  Exhibitionists and Voyeurs alike will find something to love at this event. Come to the Stage and show off your sexy or sadistic tricks for 10 minutes and see what your fellow perverts can do.