Submission 101 – Dear1

So you picked up a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and got an excited tingle in your belly when you read about Ana. Or maybe you were the one who wanted to be tied up when you played Pirates or Cowboys & Indians as a child. But whatever your path, you’ve arrived at a point where you feel you would be a good submissive in a Dominant/submissive relationship and want to know more about it. Join us as we discuss various facets of what it means to be a submissive and learn how to separate the facts from the fictions.

Intro to Submission Panel – Balthasaar, ryan, Casey Jae

In this class our panel will lead an exploration of what it means to be submissive, the many ways submission can be expressed and what to do if you suspect that you may be a submissive. A great class if you’re considering a Dominant/submissive relationship or if you’re just trying to learn more about what makes you happy.