Upon arrival, you will check in at the Gate. Then you will need to provide a state issued ID. This is to prove you are over 18 years of age, sign typical waivers, complete registration forms and finalize any payments due. You will be given a wristband to show if you paid and are over or under 21 years of age.

From there you will be directed toward a camp area that is open. After you find your spot and unpack your gear, we ask that you move your car out of the camping area as soon as you can to make room for others to do their turn and to provide the safest way to do things possible.

From that point on, it’s where your Will takes you.

Points of interest are: the Kitchen, which you will be walking directly towards as you walk in from the gate. Just on the other side of that building is the Pavillion. It hosts communal meals and some workshops take place. As you get closer, there is a white tent, our First Aid, on the corner of the drive that goes down into camping. Looking to the left is the main fire pit, the Stage, the paths that lead to the Pan Shrine, Aphrodite Shrine, Horned Gods Way, other class areas and other areas to socialize.

The Showers are easily accessible. From a stairway next to the Pavillion leading downward to it or from the front, facing towards the camping areas.

Port-O-Lets are scattered throughout Midian and are emptied early in the morning. Be conscience that the driver of the truck is not a festival participant and may get freaked by our freedom.