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Change is inevitable. And, as with most things, in a poly lifestyle change often comes in multiples. mir facilitates this discussion on the transitional periods that affect poly dynamics — new relationships, endings, status changes — and the ways to navigate them that create more joy and growth instead of stagnation and fear. Whether you are poly or poly-curious, this class will give you solid ideas of the unique challenges faced in poly dynamics and how to handle them when they arise. Please come share your experiences and challenges as we all look together for solutions.

For those who are ready for high bondage. The advanced class will demonstrate intricate techniques for full body bondage such as the rope cage and suspension. By the end of the class, Brigid will be suspended in the shelter. This class is presented during demo time to account for the length and difficulty of the instruction.

When designing rituals and protocols for Power Exchange relationships (or for our personal lives), we may not know where to start, so we find ourselves reaching for an “Off the Rack” solution. Often we look to porn, fictional novels, or nonfiction guides to Power Exchange. Like a short girl buying jeans, however (surely I’m not the only one??) those rituals sometimes aren’t a perfect fit for the people or the relationship. In this class, we’ll take a look at Archetypes, and use those to dive into the ways we define ourselves and our roles in the relationship. We’ll then build on that understanding to craft rituals and protocols that are “Tailor-Made” just for us! Whether you’re currently in a Power Exchange relationship or not, this class will offer you another tool for your Power Exchange Toolbox, and a method for devising rituals and protocols that fit like a glove! This process also creates powerful and personally relevant rituals for people who are either not in a relationship or who simply want to include rituals as part of their self-care routine!

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What is BDSM and why is it so fucking fun!?!?! What is a Dominant? A submissive? What does BDSM stand for anyway? Get the basics on BDSM and kink in this lecture and discussion class.

We are changed by sexual abuse. It can happen in childhood but even as an adult it can cause you to question your basic beliefs about sex. It can cause shame. Sometime times I go through the shame defiantly, sometimes trying to be “normal”. Neither holds the key. Slowly over the years I found a few things to help me feel better. I hope in this workshop we can find some of those things for you. If you have worked passed some of your issues great! Come and help the rest of us with the keys you have found.

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How does the pursuit of ecstasy and joy mix with leading a spiritual life? You are supposed to suffer to actualize, right?