2016 Demos

A demonstration of various tools and techniques you can use to whack someone and they enjoy it.

It’s show and tell time! Bring your toys, your suspension rigs, and your curiosity. This is where campers show off what they got and learn what they haven’t yet played with.

With so many kinds of exciting, shiny, and dangerous types of play in the scene, it’s easy to overlook the value of cunnilingus in your kink-arsenal. But this humble sexual staple can be a powder keg for those willing to look beyond their preconceptions. (i.e. not just for FemDom couples) Come discuss the physicality, the psychology, the technique to giving & receiving quality lip service.

Sometimes kink is really complicated. Sometimes it’s just hitting people with style. Join Loki for mostly the latter.

Denial or overload? Which do you think they should have? (By popular demand πŸ˜€ )

Self Explanatory demo