2016 Discussions

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International Power Exchange 2012

Boi Kris, with his powerhouse attitude and a passion for teaching and service, draws on his own experiences and his ongoing research into a variety of topics to entertain, educate and empower others. He has been a part of the BDSM community since the early 1990s, including a year serving as half of the International Power Exchange 2012.   He has produced the successful and innovative High Shine Indy, Body Spirit Mind and Trick Her Treat events, and has raised thousands of dollars for charities throughout the country.  A spirited switch, he loves challenging people’s expectations, topping for heavy impact play, and sharing his vision and enthusiasm for service, regardless of roles.  Boi Kris has hundreds of workshops, discussions and presentations under his belt, and is constantly adding new classes to meet the needs of the community. Together with his wife Sarah, Boi Kris brings an animated and approachable energy to the wide variety of BDSM lifestyle topics he shares with audiences all over the country.  And, as a certified Laughter Yoga leader (including his own variant, Kinky Laughter Yoga!), he’ll show you that laughter really is the best medicine!

Boi Kris has presented nationally for groups of all sizes and interests! You may have seen him at Winter Wickedness, Beat Me in St Louis, Spanksgiving, Southwest Leather Conference, GLLA, Twisted Tryst, Kinky Kollege, SINergy, La Fortress, The Fringe, Bluegrass Leather Pride, Just Play, OhioSMART, Power eXchange Summit, Beyond The Love, LRA, regional MAsT groups and a host of others. 

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage coined the abbreviation term Good, Giving, and Game. The idea behind it is that an ideal partner should strive to be Good in bed, Giving “equal time and equal pleasure” to one’s partner, and Game “for anything—within reason”. In this lecture and discussion Soror Ariadne will guide you through the labyrinth of discussing consent, fantasies, hard limits, and in-play communication with your partner(s).

Many people in our culture carry the notion that sex and spirituality are impossibly far removed from each other. I, and others like me, strongly disagree with that idea. We have come to understand that sex is one of the most effective paths the Divine and enlightenment. It is a deep Sacriment. This workshop will cover some of the basic themes, traditions, and philosophies behind the concept of sacred sexuality.

In this class our panel will lead an exploration of what it means to be submissive, the many ways submission can be expressed and what to do if you suspect that you may be a submissive. A great class if you’re considering a Dominant/submissive relationship or if you’re just trying to learn more about what makes you happy.

Don’t let the name fool you – Kinky Laughter Yoga is like no yoga class you’ve ever seen! Boi Kris, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (laughteryoga.org) has created his own twisted, kinky version of this world-renowned health and fitness craze that will leave you recharged, revitalized and ready to play!

So what’s day-to-day life like when you’re actively polyamorous? While that’s a completely individual experience, the panel will discuss how polyamory affects and directs our everyday lives. From family structures to solo-polyamorists, each of us is joined by a desire to experience multiple loves in happiness and joy. We’ll talk about living situations, time management, metamours and growing pains.

A group participatory circle where safe space is created for speaking boundaries, preferences, and experiencing the divine in yourself. Come and have your boundaries affirmed by a circle of love!

An introduction to a few of history’s most notable sacred whores, and an open discussion about what it means to identify as a Sancta Meretrix today.

How does the pursuit of ecstasy and joy mix with leading a spiritual life? You are supposed to suffer to actualize, right?

Genderqueer, agender, bi-gender, ambigender, transgender, cisgender. New words to describe gender identity and presentation seem to be popping up everyday, but what do they mean and why do they matter? What is gender anyway? And what, exactly, is a Genderbread Person? This trans and non-binary 101 class will explore some of the exciting discussions surrounding gender identity, provide resources, answer questions, and discuss ways to be a good ally to the trans community. This is our chance to push ourselves, challenge our assumptions and ask all those burning questions as the ongoing debates and media attention evoke heated conversations in mainstream society. Bring your thoughts, perspectives and curiosity and lets think about the ways the gender influences us all.