You will receive a wristband at admission to the gate that you have to wear for the duration of your attendance of the event. There will be ADDITIONAL WRISTBANDS IF SOMEONE HAS 2 WRISTBANDS – It means they are seeking or open to a specific type of play. This...


This year, we are loosening the scheduling and opening up the floor to more spontaneous learning and activities. We will have participatory and skill oriented workshops earlier in the day,  the ability to create impromptu discussions/learning sessions in the afternoon...

No kitchen – So, Meal Plan

We will be posting more information on this. Initial plan is for Breakfast and Dinner Friday night through Monday morning. We will be posting more ASAP. This can be purchased onsite  

Nightly Camp Meeting

Friday Night, Sat Night, and Sunday nights, we will have a camp meeting @630pm in the Pavillion. Bring your dinner or join our meal plan and join us!

Whip Making Basics

We will be discussing the physics behind single tail whips and the ways they are constructed. Participants will be making a tape/quick whip to practice with. Class is limited to 10 participants Materials will cost $20 per participant.