MsBRaven is Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2018 and Ms Michigan Leather Pride 2018. She is member at large of The Michigan Band of Brothers. She is the founder of The Perpetual Order of the Fist.
MsBRaven is an avid pet lover and groomer by trade.
Her kinks are varied but typically include her hand or both her hands in a vagina. She enjoys sharing her 20 plus years of fisting passion through presenting, play and conversation. She’s yet to think of a fisting position not worth trying. She prefers at least a little laughter in her kink and a lot of kindness in her Leather.

Indybabygirl is a fierce queer leather girl who has been in the kink/leather lifestyles for nearly a decade. Indybabygirl loves to teach and inspire others.She has presented across the country at leather and kink events on everything from pony play to piss play as well as personal accountability and intimate partner violence in the lifestyle.
She is a member of The Edgewalkers as well as a supporting member of the Edgeriders MC Evergreen chapter.
She has held two leather titles , North American pony Trainer 2016 and Ms Indiana leather pride 2018. And recently served on the board of IKS (Indianapolis kink society)
Indybabygirl is known by many as a greedy little piggy who enjoys piss play, fisting, humiliation and impact play as well as boot worship and cigar play. Shenanigans are never far off when she is around. Her smile and laughter will draw you in , her passion and energy will keep you coming back for more.